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The Qualification for this Year’s International Sales Conference has Begun!

The best performers of JS Deutschland will meet fellow colleagues in Brussels and get the chance to learn how their performance can reach new heights.

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The New Interactive Brochure Concept Is Already a Great Success

At JS Deutschland, we have now launched our new concept: augmented reality for businesses

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Enthusiastic about Christmas

A bright red traditional ship, seven pirates and plenty of food and drinks – these were this year’s ingredients for an unforgettable JS Christmas party in Hamburg.

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Ambition Pays Off

From student worker in the sales department to HR consultant – Moritz von Rönn is an excellent example of the fact that you can achieve a great deal at JS if you show talent and ambition.

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A German-Danish Success Story

Kenneth Vagn Andersen has worked in nearly every possible sales position in the 14 years he has worked at JS. Now he works as a sales trainer and leadership trainer – a success story we like to pass on.

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Bonn Puts the Pedal to the Metal

Need some adrenaline? This year’s summer party in our Bonn office featured a lot of hot wheels, smoky asphalt and deafening cheers.

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JS Summer Event 2017 – Together We Win

Whether on water or on land – at the two-day summer event 2017, the JS offices Munich and Rosenheim showed that every hurdle can be overcome with teamwork.

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When the Water Calls the Shots

At this year’s summer party for the Hamburg office, JS Deutschland’s employees proved once again that they can handle watery challenges.

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JS Profile – Professional DiSC Profiling

DiSC is a great tool for working with behavioral preferences of people and companies. At JS, we use DiSC every day.

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Playing Foosball with Professionals

The round thing has to enter the rectangular one – this does not only apply on the soccer field but also at JS Deutschland’s office in Hamburg.

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Future Talents Visit JS Deutschland

Technical professions are more suitable for men, social professions for women - these stereotypes are out of date and have been turned upside down by the country's largest vocational guidance project, the "Girls and Boys Day". JS Deutschland supports the project and participated in it again this year.

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JS Deutschland Starts Off the Second Quarter of 2017 with Superhero Powers

The expression "to make a Hulk" might sound strange to outsiders, however, it is an integral part of the JS corporate language. Naturally, it refers to Marvel's character Hulk - the eponymous star in the comic series - who causes a great stir due to his unimaginable strength and green slabs of muscles.

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Successful International Train-the-Trainer Seminar for Leadership Trainers

The JS Academy strives to develop skilled leaders who ensure highly competent employees and long-lasting relations

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JS World Media as First Mover Within New Web Technology

To strengthen and develop the competences of our IT Development department, they participated in this year's NDC software developers conference in London.

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Thank You All for a Fantastic 2016!

We could not have done it without you

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JS Videos Make Customer Hits Explode – 1 Video = 22,000 Views!

With JS videos, hundreds of potential customers will learn about your company every day

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The Best Conference Ever in JS World Media’s History

In September, JS World Media gathered all the best performers at this year’s International Sales Conference in Frankfurt

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“Des woar a Mordsgaudi!” – The Annual Staff Event to the “Oktoberfest”

The JS offices Munich and Rosenheim at the “Wiesn 2016”

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We Speak the Language of Your Recipients!

Our unique CommunicationCompass – a tool for customizing brochures for your specific needs

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Team Spirit in the Saddle

Full of confidence and ready to race

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A Fun Trip on the Sea ...

That’s the way it is at the JS Deutschland, Hamburg and Bonn offices.

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JS Hamburg European Championship

It’s not all just happening at the European Championship in France! It’s going on in Hamburg too!

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Video is taking Content Marketing by Storm

Online video continues its success. Ride the wave with us!

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JS Deutschland, Munich/ Rosenheim Meets the European Championship 2016

What is it about? Teamwork. Fun. Dynamic. Tension. Tactics. … and of course the European Championship title!

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JS World Media gathers all our Best Sales Performers Worldwide

The qualification for this year’s International Sales Conference has begun!

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The Greatest Thanks to All our 300,000 Customers and Advertisers Worldwide

Extremely satisfied customers

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Hamburg cycling team takes part in Denmark’s toughest cycling race

Six colleagues accept the challenge of “Grejsdalsløbet”

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Satisfied Customers

Mattke AG praise their new MultiMedia Brochure and the cooperation with JS Deutschland

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JS is Part of the Largest IT Conference in San Francisco

Because, being good at something is not enough! You have to know what to be good at

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Printed Advertising Takes the Lead – the Demand is at its Highest Level!

The print media are the less expensive way to stand out to your customers

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We Are Proud to Be an Apprenticing Company!

“I want to be a part of JS Deutschland’s growth”

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JS World Media Just Passed 500 Colleagues Worldwide

The best JS team – stronger than ever, better than ever

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JS Grand Opening in Budapest, Hungary

Our new office opens on 1st March in the center of Budapest

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Upcoming Training Events at JS Deutschland

JS employees everywhere will benefit from sharing best practice after tailor-made office events

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The Best Performance Year

The best performance in 23 years – a result of thousands of satisfied customers!

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What is missing in Canada … JS Canada!

The JS success is expanding overseas

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Christmas in JS Deutschland in Munich

The annual Christmas party of JS Deutschland in Munich and Rosenheim

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JS Leadership Academy

Great Teams Deserve Great Leaders

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The International Conference

The 2015 International Conference was a Great Success

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Countdown for the international conference

We are Happy to Announce that the International Conference 2015 has now been Arranged

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On the Move

Munich and Malmö are Moving into Bigger Offices

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Excellent Worldwide Financial Results

Today We Are Announcing the Best Half-Year Results Ever in 23 Years

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Microsoft Build Developer Conference

IT Brings Home Know-how to JS

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Significant Growth in JS

Germany and Sweden Need Bigger Offices

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